Our Story

Marsilio’s Kitchen was founded in 1951 in the famed Italian neighborhood known as Chambersburg, New Jersey. It was run as a mom and pop restaurant for 35 years. In 1986 Grace DiDonato and her son-in-law to be, Alan Meinster bought Marsilio’s and changed the name to Marsilio’s Restaurant. During the next 21 years, Marsilio’s was transformed into a local hot spot, a place to see and be seen. According to The New York Times (Jan. 18,2004), “The place feels old, with a history. It has crisp tablecloths, a jukebox with volume control, appearances by police officers and politicos, and waiters who don’t need a pad to take your order. Then there are the little eccentricities -- wine pitchers kept on pegs for regulars; a man who seemed familiar to the servers as he went from table to table taking snapshots; and ‘’Bobby V’’ Vitella, the head waiter….” Over the decades, Marsilio’s Restaurant grew into a fine dining establishment receiving numerous accolades. Marsilio’s has even been mentioned in Janet Evanovich’s widely popular Stephanie Plum book series, which begins with One For the Money. Look for Marsilio’s in To The Nines( 2003) and Ten Big Ones (2004).

Marsilio’s Restaurant closed in 2007, and Marsilio’s Catering and Event Planning was launched as an off-site catering company partnering with many local venues. While searching for a larger kitchen to prepare for events, an opportunity arose to open up a restaurant again. Now “Kitchen” is back in the name, to honor the history and authenticity of the original Italian kitchen established in 1951. While the new place is different, there are elements of the traditions that have become known to customers of Marsilio’s for six decades. Come, be part of the family!

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