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Marsilio's Kitchen COVID-19 Response

Our goal is to provide a safe environment for our staff and guests at all times.  We will be referencing OSHA guidelines as well as CDC guidelines for workplaces. All staff will receive training prior to re-opening on hygiene and cleanliness standards.  We have already in place established procedures for in-depth cleaning of our kitchen, service areas, and dining areas.  We are in process now of deep cleaning, painting, and re-organization taking specific measures to protect against COVID-19.

Additional antibacterial disinfectant products are being supplied and will be regularly used throughout the day to ensure surfaces are clean to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Our protocols will mandate good hand hygiene, supplying hand washing facilities as well as alcohol based hand sanitizers and strict guidance on regular hand washing throughout the day.

Employees are trained to identify the symptoms of COVID-19 and have been instructed not to come to work if they are feeling unwell or had contact with anyone who is suspected or confirmed as having COVID-19. As an added precaution employees will be temperature screened before starting work. 


We will do our best to explore and make use of digital technology so that we can provide a seamless service while respecting social distancing at all times. Restaurant menus will be single use paper or digital representation. We want our patrons to feel at ease when dining with us and we will continue to keep you updated of any changes.  

Additional Comments for Confidence in Dining at Marsilio’s Kitchen:

We are fortunate because we have several advantages that most establishments do not.  The most significant is our huge kitchen with over 2000 square feet of preparation and cooking space with very large walk in freezers and refrigerators.  This allows our staff to safely work together and maintain proper distancing.  When we return to indoor dining we will have the option of using both dining rooms so that we may keep tables six feet apart.  We will always do what is necessary to maintain the health and safety of our staff and customers.  If you see something that you think needs attention, we would appreciate it if you would tell us immediately and in person.

Important Guidance for Marsilio’s Kitchen Awesome Family of Customers

Our policy is to strictly follow state laws and health and safety guidelines with our re-opening. Here are some very important items to be aware of during this time.


  • Face coverings are required at all times, except for when seated at a table. We have instructed our staff to respectfully ask all guests to cooperate.  Upon arriving for your reservation, from our rear parking lot, please walk to the far end of the building  (where Investors Bank is located) around to the front entrance. We have an outdoor hostess area with spaces marked on the pavement to wait, if needed. We will also have a few seats in waiting areas available for your comfort.


  • It may seem obvious, but please do not dine out if you are experiencing symptoms of COVD-19 or any other sickness. While dining, we ask that you strictly follow CDC guidelines maintaining extra caution with hygiene.  We have sanitizers available all around the restaurant, including the hostess station. We also have masks available if you forgot yours!


  • Currently, we have available 12-13 tables per evening. The law allows parties of up to 8 guests, but we are starting off slowly and keeping our tables to a maximum of 4-6 guests for now, depending on existing reservations. Our first goal is safety and health, so please maintain proper social distancing by staying six feet or more away from other guests.  Our tables allow for more than the required spacing for your comfort and confidence. 


  • During inclement weather the state law indicates that we have to close outside seating.  If you are dining, our plan will be to request that you take your order to go until we can offer inside seating. If you have a reservation, and the weather is not cooperating, we will call you to let you know if we decide to close. But please refer to our website often.


  • We will need a little extra time between reservations to sanitize.  We respectfully request that guests dine for maximum of an hour and a half for a party of two to three guests and an hour and forty-five minutes for a party of four guests or more. This will allow for a calm and comfortable environment to enjoy your favorite meal with your family and friends. Of course, if you have a later reservation, party on!


  • We have temporarily lightened up our menu choices so that your visit is pleasant and manageable during this restricted time. We kindly ask that you do not make “special requests” while capacity is limited.


  • Finally, hospitality is our business, and we promise to do our very best to provide outstanding service and delicious food during this challenging time. However, it will take a little more patience from all of us to ensure a safe, pleasant, and enjoyable experience. We ask for your understanding and of course, constructive feedback!  We look forward to your smiles, your stories, and your laughter. We will save the hugs and kisses for the future! Welcome back with (virtual) open arms!  


Thank you so much! 

Marsilio’s Kitchen

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